Can Mollies Live in Cold Water?

Do Molly Fish Lay Eggs?

Mollies are live-bearing fish, which means they give birth to live young. But do they lay eggs?

Although they are livebearers, they do lay eggs. However, these eggs are usually infertile and are not used for reproduction.

In this article, we will discuss what molly fish eggs look like and the reasons why your molly might lay eggs.

What Do Molly Fish Eggs Look Like?

Although mollies do not lay eggs, they may do so as a result of stress or other causes. These eggs are always infertile and will not hatch. 

 The eggs of the molly fish are tiny yellow spheres that appear to be egg yolk, although they are considerably smaller.

However, if you find a molly laying eggs, the most likely explanation is that one of the underdeveloped eggs was miscarried or aborted.

Therefore, if your female molly has laid eggs instead of fish babies, this indicates a problem.

7 Reasons Why Mollies Lay Eggs Instead of Fish Fry

1. Unfertilized Eggs 

Some eggs may not fertilize during the fertilization process, but as soon as the fish is ready to release the fry, any unfertilized eggs will do likewise.

These non-fertilized eggs will be yellow and small in size.

2. Mollies Are Infected

Molly fish eggs are susceptible to diseases, particularly those caused by fungus. These infections might also result in miscarriage if the eggs are fertilized.

This is why you should always quarantine new fish before adding them to your main tank. Also, treat your tank with a good quality anti-fungal medication to avoid such problems.

3. The Water Is Unhealthy

High water quality is essential for molly fish, as well as other aquarium fish. If the water is not clean or has the wrong pH level, this can lead to female mollies miscarrying their fry or eggs.

For example, if the water is too cold or hot, there won’t be enough oxygen in it. This causes mollies to become stressed, which can result in their fry being lost to infertile eggs.

So always remember to test the water quality and pH level with a good quality test kit before adding mollies to your tank.

4. Lack of Nutrition

Mollies will also lay eggs rather than fry because the female fish does not have enough nutrients to feed herself and her developing young.

Since mollies are livebearers, they give birth to a fully formed fry which makes the female molly needs more nutrients than other fish to support herself and her fry.

Be sure to feed your molly a high-quality diet that contains all the nutrients it needs. You can also supplement her diet with live foods, such as brine shrimp or daphnia.

5. The Tank Is Small

If the fish tank is not big enough to sustain the number of molly fish in it, this can lead to overcrowding and stress. This, in turn, can cause the female molly to lay infertile eggs.

So keep in mind to provide your mollies with a spacious tank as they like to swim around a lot.

6. There Is Too Much Ammonia in the Water

Ammonia is a by-product of fish waste and decomposing plants. If there is too much ammonia in the water, it can be toxic to fish and cause them to lay eggs instead of fry.

You can avoid this by doing regular water changes and using a good filter.

7. Aggressive Tank Mates

Mollies are peaceful fish, but they can be bullied by aggressive tank mates. If the molly is stressed from being chased or nipped by other fish, this can cause it to miscarry the fry.

So when choosing tank mates for your mollies, be sure to choose peaceful fish that will not harass them.

Do Molly Fish Eggs Hatch?

Since mollies are not egg layers, their eggs will not hatch. However, they may lay eggs as a result of stress or other causes.

If your female molly is laying eggs but isn’t giving birth, it implies she’s miscarried or aborted the eggs. So, the eggs do not hatch and become fry.

Instead, the eggs will grow fungus and rot, which can be harmful to the other fish in your aquarium.

To avoid this, you should remove the eggs from the tank as soon as possible. You can do this by using a fish net or siphoning them out of the tank.


How Many Babies Do Mollies Have?

A molly can produce up to 100 fish fry at a time during a pregnancy that is done well and ends successfully.

How Long Are Molly Fish Pregnant?

The molly fish gestation period is generally about six to eight weeks. If the conditions in their habitat are ideal, this means that the typical female molly can deliver six times each year.

Molly fish babies may take up to four months to mature, so the total number of molly fish newborns produced in one year may be as high as 600 to 800.

Last Words

.Because molly fish are not egg layers, you will be perplexed if you observe your female molly fish expelling something that appears to be an egg.

Mollies might lay eggs if they are stressed or if the water conditions in their habitat are not ideal. To avoid this, you should provide your mollies with a clean and spacious tank as well as a high-quality diet.

We hope this article has helped you enough. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section below.

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