How Much Light Do Swordtails Need

How Much Light Do Swordtails Need?

You were watching your beautiful swordtails playing around and enjoying their stunning lighting in your aquarium and this question popped into your head. How much light do swordtails need?

It is important to provide enough light for your swordtails so they can see and interact with each other but too much light can cause problems.

So, the key here is to find the balance between providing enough light without overdoing it and making sure your swordtails have a comfortable environment to swim around in.

This way, you’ll be providing them with some brightness without disturbing their normal daytime resting and hunting patterns.

In this article, we’ll discuss how many light swordtails need, and the benefits of providing them with adequate lighting.

Why Do Swordtails Need Optimal Light?

Have you ever heard of the term circadian rhythm? It refers to a cycle that occurs every day. The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that affects various functions in animals. For example, it helps us determine when to sleep and when to get up using light.

Lights can keep your swordtail fish active and playful each day. However, continual exposure to light can be harmful and, in rare instances, deadly.

The key is to find the right balance between exposing them to light for optimal health and allowing them to rest or sleep by shutting off the lights at night.

To guarantee that your swordtail is getting enough light, invest in a timer that will turn off the lights for several hours after they’ve been on.

Do Swordtails Need Light at Night?

Swordtails don’t need light at night. They need a lot of light during the day to stay healthy. But they also need to sleep.

That’s why you should turn off the lights at night and let them sleep for a few hours after playing in the daylight or around artificial light during the daytime.

Too much light can harm your fish’s health since they won’t be able to rest or sleep with the lights on.

Similarly, leaving the lights on for an extended period will cause algae to grow too quickly, which is also not good for your swordtail.

What Happens If You Have Tank Lights On at Night?

If you have your tank lights on at night, your fish won’t be able to sleep. This can lead to several problems, such as:

Disrupt Their Natural Cycle

If your aquarium lights are on at night, this may disrupt the fish’s natural cycle of sleeping and waking.

This is because swordtail fish are active during the day and sleep at night. As a result, they need complete darkness to get proper rest.

If you must have some light in the room at night, consider using a red light instead of white or blue light bulbs. Red light is less likely to stimulate the fish and cause them to stay awake all night.

Their Growth Will Be Stunted

Another issue that can occur if you don’t turn the lights off at night is that your fish’s growth may be stunted.

This is because they need a certain amount of sleep to grow properly. Without enough sleep, their growth will be hindered, and they may even stop growing altogether.

Alter Their Coloration

Some fish, like swordtails, may suffer from color changes if they’re exposed to light at night.

This is because their bodies are trying to produce more melanin to protect themselves from the light. As a result, your swordtail’s coloration may become darker or lighter than usual.

Affect Their Immune System

If your fish don’t get enough sleep, it can also weaken their immune system. This happens because their bodies aren’t able to repair themselves properly when they’re sleep-deprived.

As a result, your fish may be more susceptible to diseases and infections.

So, it’s essential that you turn the lights off at night to give your fish a rest. This will allow them to stay healthy and avoid any potential problems that can come from being sleep-deprived.

What Type Of Light Is Best For Swordtails?

The type of light required for your swordtail will vary according to the time of day and night.

During the daytime, the ideal lighting is full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs, which give a natural appearance to your tank while allowing plants to grow.

Some individuals prefer fake plant lights, while others benefit from direct sunlight from a window.

On the other hand, if necessary the light at nighttime you can use a red light bulb, which won’t disrupt their sleep cycle as much as other types of light bulbs.


Do Swordtails Sleep at Night?

Yes, swordtails do sleep at night, but they do so in a unique manner.

Swordtails do not have eyelids, so they are unable to close their eyes while sleeping as we can. We may tell that swordtails are asleep by a slower heartbeat and a limited amount of movement.

Can Swordtail Fish See in The Dark?

Yes. Swordtail fish can see in the dark by using an organ called a “pineal eye.” This is how they take care of their business during the night.

The tiny pineal gland on top of their heads converts light into chemical messages to assist them in seeing.

Last Words

It is crucial to provide the ideal lighting for your swordtail fish according to the time of day and night. This will ensure that they get proper sleep and don’t suffer from any health issues.

We hope this article helped you understand how much light swordtails need.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!

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